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Welcome to Precision Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

We are Eastern India’s Premiere Plastic bottle Manufacturer since 2005. Precision Pet Bottling provides full-service custom pet blowing and supplying. Precision Enterprises believes quality pet bottle blowing begins with impeccable blowing expertise. We have in-house full-time production team with excellent blowing experience, ensuring a high-quality product. We offer a broad range of pet bottles starting from 100 ml to 2 liters catering to all segments like Mineral Water, Food, Soda, Hot fill, Cold fill, Oil, alcohol, chemical, juice, sauce bottles, etc. from our ready stock.

Our Mission

To cater wide range of Quality Hygenic Pet Bottles across Odisha.

Our vision

We provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service that, together deliver premium value to our customers.

Why go to Precision Enterprises, Bhubaneswar for Pet Bottles:


  • Get # 11 aesthetically designed 1 liter WATER Bottles as per BIS standard.
  • Get whole series of the same type bottles to have market presence for all events.
  • Get your bottles blown to your specification with less hassles.
  • Get Phenyl, soda, oil, juice & Cold drink bottle from our cluster.
  • Capacity to deliver bulk orders on short notice.
  • Avail hygienic and NO-Damage packaging with door delivery basis for Mini-Van load.
  • Get price advantage in bulk orders.
  • Focus on your Core sector of business…We take care of your unending bottle flow.
  • Develop Your Brand With Our Expert Team.
  • Collaborate With Us For Optimizing Business Growth

You Are In Control With Affordable Scalable Business

Paani , Soda,Tel Ya Phenyl Har Pet Bottle Precision Pe Milta Hai …Be Shaq


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Number in House Mould

Let’s save your time-n-money when you focus on marketing your products.

Our Skills

We have expertised in preparing PET bottles, jar and house moulds.

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